Year 9 Resources

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The Industrial Revolution

queen victoria

LESSON 1: Victorian Britain mind-map task: Who were the Victorians

LESSON 1: Extension Task – CLICK HERE



st pauls

LESSON 2: What types of changes did St. Paul’s see in 1714-1901? Emigration Population and Transport

LESSON 2: Extension Task – CLICK HERE



steam trainLESSON 3: Change in c.1700-1900 Conclusions Card Sort (Open in Keynote) – Changes Cards





LESSON 4: Link to Active History Victorian Entrepreneur Game – CLICK HERE

LESSON 4: Extension Task – CLICK HERE



Robert Owen


MOVING ON: Multiple-choice activity on children’s working conditions in the Industrial Revolution – CLICK HERE

LESSON 5: Extension Task – CLICK HERE








A_Court_for_King_CholeraLESSON 7: Interviewee Information – CLICK HERE

Quiz on Living Conditions in Victorian cities – CLICK HERE



Protest, 1815-1918

Hogarth 1

LESSON 1: The Condition of England in c.1815 – Tasksheet – 1 Condition of England

Hogarth Painting download: Hogarth Painting



LESSONS 2 and 3: Reform and almost revolution, 1815-1832 – Information sheet – 2 Britain in 1812-1832

Revolutionary role-play –3 Revolutionary Role Play

Extension:  Further Reading Task Peterloo



Hogarth 2LESSON 4: The Great Reform Act

Hogarth Painting 2 (Election Entertainment): Hogarth Painting 2

Hogarth Painting 3 (The Polling): Hogarth Painting 3



LESSON 5: Separate Spheres?

Information sheet on the position of women in c.1890: 5 Separate Spheres.docx

Extension task on the changing role of women: 5 Extension Task Timeline



Rosa MayLESSON 6: The Suffragettes

Case studies to accompany the film: 6 Suffragette Case Studies

Extension: Timeline HERE of key events in Bristol’s campaign for votes for women


WWI Women

LESSON 7: Women and World War I

Women’s war work, 1914-1918: Women in World War I

Sources Exercise: 7 Source Exercise




World War I

europe map 1914LESSON 1: The Situation in 1914 Task: Country Profiles in 1914

LESSON 1: Extension Task – CLICK HERE




LESSON 2: Starter Source: Click HERE

LESSON 2: The Alliance System Task: 2 The Alliance System

LESSON 2: Extension Task – CLICK HERE



Franz FerdinandLESSON 3: Who or what caused World War I: 3 Who or what caused WWI

LESSON 3: Investigation into Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s death: 3 Franz Ferdinand sources




LESSON 4: The failure of the Schlieffen plan: Schlieffen Plan

LESSON 4:  Extension Task – CLICK HERE




LESSON 5: Fortunes of the British in World War I: World War I Battles


LESSON 6: The biography of Douglas Haig: Click HERE



sommeLESSON 7: Introduction to the Battle of the Somme: Introduction to the Somme

iWonder Guide to the First Day of the Somme: CLICK HERE

Hour-by-hour account of the Somme: The Somme Hour by Hour


Private Peaceful 1LESSON 8:  Private Peaceful Part 1: Private Peaceful Part 1

Private Peaceful Part 2: Private Peaceful Part 2

LESSON 8: Life in the Trenches slideshow: Life in the Trenches Slideshow

LESSON 8: Extension Task: All Quiet on the Western Front


Indian SoldierLESSON 9: The ‘Forgotten Armies’ of World War I:

Ganga Singh, First Battle of Ypres (1914): Ganga Singh

Algerian Troops, Second Battle of Ypres (1915): Algerians

Mountain Horse, Cambrai (1917): Mike Mountain Horse

Chinese Labourers (1916-1920): Chinese Labourers

Extension: the Bristol Experience of World War I: Bristol Experience World War I


sopwith camel

LESSON 10: Aerial Photographs: RAF Photos

LESSON 10: Origins of the RAF: RAF100_History_1_Origins

LESSON 10: Exit Ticket


tankLESSON 11: Why World War I ended: Introduction

LESSON 11: Explanatory Video:

LESSON 11: Why World War I ended main task: Why did World War I end main task


World War II

Hitler CartoonLESSON 1: Causes of WWII: Causes of WWII

LESSON 1: Exit ticket



Chamberlain Speech

LESSON 2: Overview of WWII: Overview of WWII





dunkirkLESSON 3: The early years of World War II: 14 Early World War II




Battle of BritainLESSON 4: The Battle of Britain

LESSON 4: Challenge Activity: Battle of Britain Challenge



stalingradLESSON 5: The Battle of Stalingrad: Stalingrad




d-dayLESSON 6: The D-Day Landings: D-Day




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