Year 8 Resources

Elizabeth I

Elizabeth portraits: elizabeth portraits

What can we learn from these sources?

TASK: Choose paintings which support each statement. Write down the statement and the source numbers that support it.  If you can’t find paintings which support a statement, maybe it isn’t true.  Don’t write the statement down.

I. Elizabeth was proud of the defeat of the Armada, and wanted to use the victory to show her people and the world just how powerful she was.

II. Elizabeth was from an important, wealthy family, even before she was Queen.

III.Elizabeth was unpopular at the end of her reign and some people were glad she was dead.

IV.Elizabeth was a wise and well-educated ruler, who had the knowledge to rule England effectively.

V.Elizabeth later became seen as a hero by some people, particularly Protestants who hated Catholics.

VI.Elizabeth was a weak ruler who failed to win any important military victories.

VII.Many people wanted to show how loyal they were to the Queen.


Pirate booklet: Pirates Booklet

English Civil War, 1642-49

Link to Civil War Game Quiz HERE 

The Tudors

1) Henry VIII: Henry VIII sorting activity

2) Henry VIII and his wives: 6 Henry VIII and his wives

3) Bloody Mary: 7 Mary Tudor Sorting Exercise


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