Year 8 Resources

The early Tudors, 1485-1558

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LESSON 1: Family Tree of the Tudors and Stuarts

LESSON 2: Wars of the Roses Narrative

LESSON 3: Tudor society sources

LESSON 4: Henry VIII: an effective king?

LESSON 5: Henry VIII and the Reformation


Mary Tudor

LESSON 6: Mary I Information for Fakebook profile




Elizabeth I

Coronation PortraitLESSON 1: Elizabeth I Problems

LESSON 2: Jesuits and Catholic threat to Elizabeth

LESSON 3: Mary Queen of Scots

LESSON 4: Elizabeth Portraits



LESSON:  The Marriage Problem:



Charles I and the English Civil War

Charles I

LESSON 1: Summary of Events, 1625-1660: Charles I Civil War Summary

LESSON 1: Recap of the Causes of the Civil War: Recap Causes English Civil War

LESSON 1: Link to BBC revision site: Click HERE


marston moor

LESSON 2: The Battles of Edgehill and Marston Moor: Edgehill and Marston Moor



english civil war

LESSON 3: The Battle of Naseby: The Battle of Naseby




Oliver Cromwell

CromwellLESSON 1: Interpretations of Cromwell: Cromwell Part 1




Cromwell HeadLESSON 2: Interpretations of Cromwell: Cromwell Part 2



Society in the 1600s

Matthew Hopkins

LESSON 1: Witches Part 1: Witches Part 1




Witch DunkLESSON 2: Witches Part 2: Witches Part 2


FamiliarsLESSON 3: Witches Part 3: Witches Part 3

LESSON 3: Witches Case Studies: Witch case studies



WHAT HAPPENED TO THE STUARTS? From the Break with Rome to the Bill of Rights

The British Empire

The Age of Discovery Quiz: Click HERE

Key moments in the creation of the British Empire: Click HERE

A story of slavery: a walking tour of Bristol: Click HERE


Revision for the Year 8 examination

These must be used ALONGSIDE and are not a replacement for your notes in your exercise book, which must form the main part of your revision. 

Knowledge organisers with precise knowledge, useful for all examination questions: Year 8 Knowledge Organisers 2019

Revision cards to download, complete and use: Year 8 Short Answer Revision Cards 2019

Revision cards that help you with the chronological order of events (print these double-sided): Event Revision Cards to print

‘Describe an effect’ answers to analyse: Part 1(for discussion) and Part 2 (with feedback)

Revision information about the effects of Early modern leaders on England: Henry, Mary, Liz and Ollie

Revision information to help prepare for causation questions: Year 8 Revision Mind-Maps Section C Preparation

A timeline of the Tudors and Stuarts, by Esme James: Timeline 1485-1660



Pirate booklet: Pirates Booklet

English Civil War, 1642-49

Link to Civil War Game Quiz HERE 

The Tudors

1) Henry VIII: Henry VIII sorting activity

2) Henry VIII and his wives: 6 Henry VIII and his wives

3) Bloody Mary: 7 Mary Tudor Sorting Exercise