Year 7 Resources

Why did the Roman Empire collapse?

collapse roman empire picLESSON 1: Collapse of the Roman Empire: CLICK HERE

The Norman Conquest

nc imageLESSON 1: Who should be the next King of England? CLICK HERE

LESSON 2: How far did England change during the Norman Conquest? CLICK HERE

The Crusades


LESSON 1: Why go on Crusade? Click HERE

LESSON 2: Overview of the Crusades: Click HERE

LESSON 3: The Third Crusade: Click HERE

Phillips’ Story of the Third Crusade: Click HERE

LESSON 4: Hillenbrand’s Story of the Third Crusade: Click HERE

Medieval Mali

Catalan AtlasThe story of Mansa Musa: Click HERE


Medieval Villages

1. Wharram Percy

Wharram PercyA. Ariel Photographs of Wharram Percy

B. Archaeological Finds from Wharram Percy

C. Historical Documents related to Wharram Percy

D. Historians’ Books about Wharram Percy

Class Summary Activity: Summary Wharram Percy Activity

2. Welcome to Caldicot


A. The Seeing Stone Novel: The Seeing Stone

B. Who Lived in a Medieval Village: Medieval Knights and Peasants

C: A Flyting: A Flyting Seeing Stone

D: Three Sorrows Three Fears Three Joys

3. The Black Death

danse2-378x342 (1)

A. The Plague Arrives

B. Fears and Ideas

C. Benefits and Changes

The Peasants’ Revolt

peasants revolt

LESSON 1: Peasants Revolt 1

Medieval Women

eleanor of aquitaine

LESSON 1: Eleanor of Aquitaine


Motte and BaileyGeneral Castles Quiz: Click HERE

LESSON 1: William I’s Motte and Bailey Castles

LESSON 2: Quiz on Defensive Features at Chepstow Castle




Key chronology: Year 7 Chronology Revision Cards

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