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Ackroyd Chapter 26 Virgin Queen Elizabeth



Source Q advice sheet

Essay Model (Colour Coded)


PART FOUR: Edward VI and ‘a more Protestant nation’

Extension Reading 1: Somerset and Kett’s Rebellion (does he deserve his reputation as the Good Duke?)

Extension Reading 2: Retrying the Case for the Good Duke

Extension Reading 3: The Many Faces of Northumberland


PART FIVE: Mary I and the restoration of Papal Supremacy

Extension Reading 4: A reassessment of Mary Tudor

Extension Reading 5: Mary Tudor and the Re-Catholicisation of England

Extension Reading 6: The Queen and the Cardinal – Mary I and Reginald Pole


PART SIX: Elizabeth I and the establishment of the Church of England


Part 6 Extension Reading:

Extension Reading 7: Advice to Elizabeth

Extension Reading 8: Elizabeth I – Gender, Religion and Politics

Extension Reading 9: Creating Elizabeth’s Via Media