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Specification checklist: Church in England 1529-70 specification checklist

Markschemes: Sources Markscheme    and      Essays Markscheme

Source question guidance: Source Q advice sheet

Model essay: Unit 1 Model Essay

Key characters booklet: Key characters booklet



Part 1: The Church on the Eve of the Reformation (c.1529)

Part 1 Worksheets:

0 Course Introduction and 0 Textbook Introduction

1 The Church and the Monarchy

2 The Position of the Church

3 Monasteries and Parish Churches

4 Liturgical Year to be used alongside  4 Liturgical Year Ackroyd Conclusion

5 Key Religious Beliefs

6 Importance of Printing Press

7 Legacy of Lollardy

8 Humanism

9 Criticisms of the Church

10A Rise of Anti-Clericalism

11 Sourcework practice


Part 1 Extension Reading:

Extension Reading 1: Cardinal Wolsey and the English Church

Extension Reading 2: Wycliffe and Lollardy

Extension Reading 3: Heretical sects in Pre-Reformation England


Henry and Leo

Part 2: The Break with Rome (1529-1536)

Part 2 Worksheets:

1 Henry VIII, Religion and the Succession

2 Catherine of Aragon and her Supporters

3 Thomas Wolsey and Anne Boleyn

4 Start of the Reformation Parliament

5 Pressures on the Papacy

6 Legislation of the Reformation Parliament to be used alongside 6 Henry vs Church

7 Supporters of the Break with Rome

8 Opponents of the Break with Rome A to be used alongside 8 Opponents of the Break with Rome B and alongside Ackroyd pp.85-87

9 Political Position of the Reformation

10 Doctrinal Position of the Reformation

11 The Significance of the Reformation

The Break With Rome Knowledge Organiser


Part 2 Extension Reading:

Extension Reading 4: Anne Boleyn

Extension Reading 5: Henry VIII and his ministers

Extension Reading 6: Henry VIII and his Church


Part 3: Change and Reaction under Henry VIII (1536-1549




Part 3 Worksheets:

1 The Reformist and Conservative Factions

2 International Influences

3 Causes and Events of the Dissolution of the Monasteries

4 Causes and Events of the Dissolution of the Monasteries (Continued)

5 Impact of the Dissolution

6 Pilgrimage of Grace

7 Pilgrimage of Grace Cont

Exam Question Guide (Unit 3): CLICK HERE


Part 3 Extension Reading:

Extension Reading 7: Thomas Cromwell

Extension Reading 8: The Dissolution of the Monasteries

Extension Reading 9: The Pilgrimage of Grace