PGCE Christmas Games 2018: Bristol PGCE Christmas 2018

Historical Fiction: Historical Fiction PGCE Presentation 2018

RAF 100: RAF 100 Lessons


Year 7 Medieval Knowledge Organisers. Download here: Year 7 Knowledge Organisers 2016

Why did people die for the Church in the Middle Ages? Download the decision-making game here: 1 The Crusades Game

How important was John Ball in causing the Peasants Revolt of 1381?  Download the lesson here: 1 The Peasants Revolt


Year 8 Early Modern Knowledge Organisers. Download here: Year 8 Knowledge Organisers 2016

Was James I a ‘relative failure’ as a ruler of England? Download the decision-making game here: James I game

Was Guy Fawkes framed in the Gunpowder Plot? Download the resources for this whole-class trial here: Guy Fawkes Trial Courtroom Script and Guy Fawkes Trial Witness Profiles

Did pirates have parrots and bury treasure?      Download the lesson resources here:  Pirates Lesson and Pirate Code


The Age of Discovery Game. Download the decision-making game here: Age of Discovery Game

How did the fortunes of the British change during World War I?  This change and continuity enquiry is based on the  key battles of World War I. Links within the PowerPoint allow the student to toggle between the main map, illustrating where the battle took place, and information about that battle. The resource could be used as the lesson below describes, or, if access allows, pupils could access the file at home and therefore homework could be set using the resource.   Download the resource and accompanying lesson plan here: Fortunes of British in Battle LESSON; and  World War I Battles

Why is World War I worth knowing? (Including Knowledge Hopscotch): Download the instructions here: Why is World War I worth knowing

When in 1700-2000 was fashion a victim of events?  For an explanation of the enquiry, read the accompanying blog post HERE. Download the resources here:

The post-1945 world: an extended group project where pupils pursue independent enquiries on a topic of their choice. Download the lesson sequence here: Year 9 Summer Project Lessons and Year 9 Summer Project Booklet


How effective was the 1848 Public Health Act? Download the monopoly board here: Public Health Act Knowledge Monopoly

Why did Tsarist Russia collapse into revolution? Download the decision-making game resources here:  Russia Collapse Game and Russia Game Instructions and Russia Game Score Sheet and Russia Game News Flashes and Results and Russia Game Action Cards

Was President Truman guilty of ‘crimes against humanity’ in the dropping of the Atomic Bomb? Download the resources for this whole-class trial here: Truman Trial Courtroom Script and Truman Trial Witness Profiles


Historical Association Annual Conference, Bristol, May 2015: ‘Narrative writing: no longer an ‘underrated skill’. Download the presentation here: Narrative HA Conference 2015 PHL

SHP Summer Conference, Leeds, July 2016: ‘Towards a knowledge-rich curriculum: a variety of practical activities to help pupils understand the value of precise factual knowledge’. Download the presentation and resource pack here: SHP Workshop 2016 and SHP Workshop Worth Activities Pack

CPD event: How to effectively teach historical interpretations, Bristol, May 2017: ‘Avoiding determinism and embracing agency: supporting sixth form students in making judgements about an historian’s selection of evidence’. Download the presentation here: EH Carr and Agency in Interpretations

Why self-testing is effective? A short, picture-based explanation for students: What Makes Effective Revision

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