From Positivism to Postmodernism

library for postmodernism raising aspirations post

The third session.

This reading resource can stand alone as an introduction to positivist and postmodernist approaches to history, although I use it alongside an activity on how the Third Crusade has been interpreted differently, which I wrote up in an article on ‘Reading and Writing Narrative (available from the journal Teaching History, Number 156) . The activity provides students with a reminder of how historians create different interpretations of the same event.

The reader takes pupils from Von Ranke’s view of the past, through to E.H. Carr, and then tiptoes into postmodernist approaches. It is rather ‘light touch’ and serves as an introduction or ‘stepping off point’ only.

Reading Resource: Positivism and Postmodernism Reader

Activity to introduce the Crusades: The First Crusade Game

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